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World Energy Problem May Be Solved

The global energy problem may have met a solution. The realization of Building technology answers global energy crisis can help the environment as a whole. Johnson Controls, the leading global industrial and technology company, has created an efficient software and service program known as Panoptix. Panoptix can help many building owners and managers know what is going on with the performance of their buildings. Cloud-based apps have been made and are available on an online marketplace for professionals to use. This allows access to big analytics and data and problem-solving thinking by Johnson Controls.

johnson control panoptix 5 World Energy Problem May Be Solved

Some successful customized applications are energy trackers that identify ongoing energy savings in facilities ranging from commercial to industrial. Another example of  Panoptix applications is a green kiosk viewer that lets tenants become involved in energy-saving and cost-saving programs. Many software makers have contributed to the Johnson Controls Panoptix program including EnergyPoints, First Fuel, and EnergyAi. The Panoptix solution also helps managers and businesses search for the best practices and industry news on the web. If interested in Panoptix or anything related to Johnson Controls, please visit www.johnsoncontrols.com. Conservation of Earth’s resources through reducing the energy used by buildings can make a great change for future generations.

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