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When Big Dogs Trying To Be Lap Dogs

If you own a big dog, you know they are completely unaware of their size. They think they can fit anywhere, sit on all things (your lap). Dogs can be our protectors and babies at the same time. They want to be near you and possibly on top of you, as long as it provides the assurance that no harm will come to you. However, it can be even more endearing if your pup is over 100 pounds but has the mentality of a teacup pup. Size doesn’t stop these pups from being lap dogs. Even if they have to crush a couple of femurs to get a good snuggle.

Here are some super cute, lovable dogs who don’t realize they’re big:

You can’t help but feel their adoration as their gigantic, furry bodies knock the wind out of you. Nonetheless, there’s nothing quite like the unconditional love of a big dog who simply wants to snuggle with their human counterpart. Here are snapshots of some canines who are massive in size and heart, in search of the perfect lap to cuddle up.
Lap-Dogs-1 Lap-Dogs-2

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