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Top Exotic Food You Should Try

Various cultures, various food. If you’re a cooking freak and courageous enough, here are a few suggestions about what you have to check out.

Iguana meat

This meal comes from El Salvador. While some many people have just seen an iguana over the Television, some keep these things as pets. But that is not all – many people find iguana meat a real treat. Not just a delicacy but it’s considered a cure-all meat! I would not understand that but the flavour is very much like chicken.

Iguana meat Top Exotic Food You Should Try

Century egg

China’s  food. Sound horrible? Here is how it is prepared. You take quail, duck or chicken egg and maintain them in a combination of clay, lime, ash and salt. And then you wrap them with straw. While the time goes by, the mix will end up just like a crust, and also the lime juice acid is usually a preservative that helps prevent the egg to spoil. This method need to last for 4 months and you then will enjoy the beautiful eggs. Here is an thought – prepare an omelette!

Century egg Top Exotic Food You Should Try

Fried spider

Spiders are usually breaded in variety of mixtures (salt , sugar…) and fried in  oil having a little bit of sliced garlic. It isn’t that strange as it might sound – a lot like eating shrimp. In my opinion, I would rather have a spider than 4 a few months old egg.

Fried spider Top Exotic Food You Should Try

Odori ebi

Japanese meal. It could be translated  as a “dancing prawn”. It is a kind of sushi however in this example, the food will actually dance within your mouth while you consume it. First they soak it in sake and after that right into a special sort of sauce. Intriguing.

Odori ebi Top Exotic Food You Should Try


Fugu can be a Japanese specialty made from blowfish. To start with, you should know that Fugu can be a poisonous fish. It is important that  is correctly made. Otherwise, you’re in significant problems since one fish bears sufficient poison to kill more than 30 people.

Fugu Top Exotic Food You Should Try

Corn smut

Mexican food, also called “huitlacoche”, Corn smut is fairly a mushroom. Really, it appears similar to corn growth but is a genuine Mexican recipe. They’re much better priced that the corn itself. People in mexico say that they may be much better then truffles.

Corn smut Top Exotic Food You Should Try

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