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Top 200 Causes Chosen for State Farm Grant Vote-Off

   State Farm, which is the leading car insurance company in America, is choosing the top 40 charitable causes that will receive a $25,000 grant. The State Farm Neighborhood Assist program is made up of 30 students from across the country to look over each cause and choose the top ones out of the thousands of causes sent in to State Farm. The philanthropic team have chosen the top 200, but now it is up to America and Canada to decide which of these communities should receive the $25,000 State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant.

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    Many of the submitters have contributed to the voting process. Some cause contributors were as young as 13 and some were octogenarians. “Another inspiring detail we noticed was the oldest cause submitter was 86 and the youngest was 13, really demonstrating the fact that people of all ages want to help their communities get to a better state,” explained Youth Advisory Board member Cynthia Villalvazo. “On top of that, 167 of the cause submitters were between the ages of 13 and 19 showing that youth are a big part of this program!” Voters can go to www.statefarm.com/neighborhoodassist to chose which causes should receive the grant prize. Voting ends April 22.

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