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Top 12 Gifts for Your Man for Any Occasion

Sometimes it’s tough to think of original gift ideas when you’ve been with a man forever. It’s easy to get him something like a gift card, but it isn’t very thoughtful. Here are gift ideas for any occasion that will show him you care, and that you get him.

The Sports Nut

 man gifts 1 Top 12 Gifts for Your Man for Any Occasion

Image via Flickr by DrabikPanny

Men that dig sports tend to think alike. While their teams and favorite players vary, they all like man caves, sporting events, and huge televisions that make viewing easier. Here are a few top gift options for these team players:

  • Sports Tickets: Find out his favorite (local) team and get a few great seats. He’ll enjoy the game, and you’ll find him reciprocating in unexpected ways.
  • Garmin Forerunner 10: The watch that includes GPS and tracks his every move is sure to impress your fitness-freak sports lover. Plugin your home address as his destination, and watch him come running!
  • Player Bobblehead: Get a bobblehead of his MVP.

The Uber-Chic Geek

 man gifts 2 Top 12 Gifts for Your Man for Any Occasion

Image via Flickr by Jdn

The problem with chic geeks is that they already have every gadget known to man! Before you know something exists he’s on version two of it. Still, there are great gifts for this kind of dude.

  • iPhone 5, 6, or 37: Whichever iPhone is just hitting the marketplace will woo this man.
  • Beats by Dre: This new brand of headphone equalizes sound and outclasses the previous favorite, Bose. While your chic nerd will already know about Beats, he probably hasn’t bought it because of an affinity for Bose: take the plunge for him, and he’ll know you’re savvy.
  • Tardis Trashcan: Your nerd will love a Dr. Who inspired trashcan to show off at work. Every time his buddies ask about it, he’ll get to brag about you.

All Business, Always Man

 man gifts 3 Top 12 Gifts for Your Man for Any Occasion

Image via Flickr by Victor1558

If you have a classy flavor of man (like Mad Men), then you’re probably with a very serious type of guy. This man enjoys scotch, plays golf, and spends too much time at work. Here are gifts to keep him on his toes:

  • The Art of Shaving Kit: This kit will make him feel like a classy, old-fashioned man’s man. He will love painting on his cream (or having you do it).
  • Whiskey Cubes: Rock ice cubes won’t water down his scotch. He’ll appreciate the powerhouse of flavor his snifter provides without the melted ice.
  • Unexpected Lingerie: This kind of classy man often prefers cheap clearance lingerie over designer duds. He likes to experience the other, naughty side of life when business is out.

The Happy Herbivore

 man gifts 4 Top 12 Gifts for Your Man for Any Occasion

Image via Flickr by St_a_Sh

Vegans and those who take vacations to developing nations to donate time digging ditches have very specific tastes. While you could adopt this man a rescue mutt puppy, he’d probably prefer a gift that won’t keep him tied down when the next charity 5K crops up.

  • Hand-Knitted Beanie: Keep his head toasty while he’s out late at night protesting. He’ll think of you every time he sees a missed loop on his hat.
  • BPA-Free Bottle: Get him the gift that keeps on giving (to the environment). He’ll love that this reduces his footprint on the Earth, and spares him the toxic chemicals.
  • Donate in His Name: Give a donation to his favorite charity in his name. The sum doesn’t have to be large, because this kind of guy is genuine and down-to-Earth.

Making a man happy isn’t always about expensive gifts. Sometimes a handwritten note can warm his heart and inflate his ego more than a Rolex ever could.

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