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Tips for Visiting Alaska for the First Time

A breathtaking state that’s filled with dazzling views and exciting wildlife is anticipating your next vacation. Alaska is truly unlike anywhere you’ve ever been. It’s unique for its abundance of daylight, freely roaming animals, and giant glaciers in the scenery. The largest state in our nation, it boasts incomparable splendor for devoted residents and tourists alike. Now that you’re pondering a future trip, here are some tips for your very first Alaskan retreat.

Bring Weatherproof Apparel


Image via Flickr by jthetzel

Even in the summertime you’ll find that most areas of Alaska are windy and rainy. Pack lots of layers and at least one weatherproof jacket. Bring hats, scarves, and comfortable walking boots too. On another note, Alaskans dress very casual so no need for black ties and dresses unless you have a special event.

Visit During the Off Seasons

Alaska is at its tourism height during the summer months. The days are the longest and the weather is the mildest from June to August. However, Alaska hotels and tours are the priciest during this time. Plan your visit for April or September and you’ll see a huge difference in savings. The weather will still be very tolerable during these months too.

Experience a Scenic Byway


Image via Flickr by Alaskan Dude

One of the most beautiful ways to experience the vast mountain ranges, grand lakes and rivers, glaciers, and wildlife is to drive on a scenic byway. A great enhancement to your trip, you’ll be amazed at the beauty that surrounds you.

 Eat The Local Seafood

You simply won’t get tastier Halibut, Snow Crab, or Salmon anywhere else in the world. Wild caught and delivered fresh to markets and restaurants daily, you must make it a priority to chow down on it while you’re there. If you can’t get enough, it’s easy to have some shipped to your home too.

Go On a Whale-Watching Tour


Image via Flickr by travelinknu

For the most awe-inspiring marine wildlife excursions in Alaska, make sure you book a whale-watching day cruise. Not only will you catch sight of up to sixteen species of breaching whales, you’ll also spot sea lions, seals, walrus, and sea otters in their natural habitat.

Don’t Forget Sleep Aids

Since Alaska’s summers are filled with 18 hours to a whopping 24 hours of daylight (depending on what area you stay in), you may find it difficult to get your full eight hours of sleep. Bring some relaxing teas, over-the-counter sleep aids, and an eye mask to ensure you get your necessary rest.

Stay Away From The Wild Berries

Image via Flickr by Dave Bezaire & Susi Havens-Bezaire

Chances are you’ll go on some picturesque hiking trips while you’re in Alaska. You’ll see wildlife, lush foliage, and plentiful wild berry trees. Do not eat the berries unless your hiking guide insists they’re safe. While some of them are delicious and safe to eat, other varieties are poisonous.

Mind The Wildlife

When driving or walking along the country and town roads, it’s highly likely that you’ll stumble upon moose looking for trees to prune. Steer clear from them or any other wild animals you might see. Remember that they’re wild and not trained to be around humans. They can be very dangerous if they feel they’re being approached.

Alaska is home to some of nature’s most exquisite sites. Whether you’re a high-energy adventure traveler or one who enjoys viewing spectacular landscape, you’ll fall in love with Alaska.

Author Bio:

Leslie is a freelance writer who was bitten by the travel bug and has visited over thirty U.S. states and nine different countries.

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