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The Most Beautiful Village in France – Saint Cirq Lapopie

The lovely village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is listed among the ‘most beautiful villages of France’, In our opinion, its stunning position perched over the Lot River and historical centre make it one of the most beautiful of these ‘beautiful villages of France’. It is situated 20 kilometres east of Cahors in the Lot region of France and falls within the ‘Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Parc’.
At the top of a cliff 80 metres above the Lot River, the historic centre of the town is accessed through the original great stone gates in the fortified walls.

The narrow cobbled streets of St Cirq Lapopie contain a lovely mixture of medieval houses – some in colombage (half-timbered) and some in the local yellow stone, with small terraced gardens adding to the overall beauty of the place. Many of the houses we see today date from the 13th to 16th century.

Among the most notable monuments in the centre of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie you can see the remains of various chateaux and fortified houses and a fine 15th century roman-style church.saint cirq lapopie-16Climb to the top of the hill above the village to see the remains of the three fortresses that once stood here. Although little remains of the actual castles, you still feel a great sense of history and of course the views are very impressive.

saint cirq lapopie-17Below the village next to the river there are an assortment of old mills and buildings testifying to the activity of the village in centuries gone by, and you can enjoy this by following along the ancient tow path next to the river Lot.

Nowadays Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is home to numerous artists and artisans, many with small shops and boutiques in the centre. This trend started perhaps when Andre Breton made his home here and declared that he had, as a consequence, “stopped wanting to go anywhere else”.

saint cirq lapopie-14The quiet village we see today is very different to the town that stood here in the Middle Ages. At that time for several centuries it was an important regional centre within the historic Quercy region and home to the Lapopie, Cardaillac and Gourdon lords.

Its role originally developed in part because of its position on one of the important pilgrimage paths to Santiago de Compostelle that cross France. Saint-Cirq-Lapopie also played an important role in the Albigensian crusades against the cathars, the Hundred Years War and the Wars of religion. saint cirq lapopie-5 saint cirq lapopie-6 saint cirq lapopie-7 saint cirq lapopie-8 saint cirq lapopie-9 saint cirq lapopie-10 saint cirq lapopie-11


  1. It’s all grean.

    It reminds me of my country Cameroon.

  2. A God gifted village. Looking an amazing village.

  3. Peter Foryu says:

    It looks great!

  4. So beautiful. Your pics prompt me to hop on the next plane and go there. Fabulous work! Thanks for sharing

  5. Wow this place is absolutely amazing. I wish i go there one day.

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