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Ten Years after Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University Continues to Receive Support

When Hurricane Katrina devastated Tulane University and the surrounding town, Johnson Controls came through with some much needed assistance from companies usingĀ restoration project management software to quickly fix all the devastation. With the donations from Johnson Controls, Tulane University was back up and running in just five short months. They provided the many resources that were needed to bring students and instructors home so that they could start to rebuild their lives.

Now, 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina, Johnson Controls is donated another million dollars for the Tulane City Center. They are a non-profit organization that is designed to rebuild the city and bring resources back the residents who lost so much. The money will fund projects like the Grow Dat Youth Farm and the Parisite Skate Park. These programs were designed to enhance the lives of the children and to start improving the lives of all residents. The Grow Dat Youth Farm will provide the residents with fresh food and will teach the children life lessons. It is estimated that this program yields 10,000 pounds of food each year. The Parisite Skate Park will create a safe place for around 5000 youth to go to exercise, work on their athletics, and stay out of trouble.

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