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The Best Single Malt Whiskey Drinks

Everybody knows true men enjoy single malt whiskey. Whether or not you like Johnnie Walker Red or  Chivas Regal , you could get that scrumptious whiskey to make a mean blended drink. (The phrase “cocktail” simply does not sound manly enough.) If you’re not strong enough to deal with a straight shot of Jack Daniels or perhaps you would like some variety, try out a few of these recipes.

Whiskey Sour – It does not get simpler or more classic as this. Combine 3 parts whiskey, 2 parts freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1 part Gomme syrup inside a cocktail shaker using ice. Strain to an old-fashioned glass full of ice. Garnish having an orange slice or   maraschino cherry.

 Whiskey Sour The Best Single Malt Whiskey Drinks

Manhattan – One more classic drink that can’t be passed up. It is among the earliest cocktails and it was among the first cocktails to make use of vermouth as a modifier. There are many versions but the standard recipe is 2 oz . of rye whiskey, half an oz . sweet vermouth, and couple of dashes of bitters. Combine the components in a shaker using ice and mix well. Pour to a cooled martini glass and use a maraschino cherry for garnishing. To create a dry Manhattan, put in a dash of dry vermouth and garnish having a lemon twist. An ideal Manhattan uses equivalent parts of fairly sweet and dry vermouth.

 Manhattan  The Best Single Malt Whiskey Drinks

Mint Julep – Need a taste of the South? A Mint Julep will be the traditional beverage of the Kentucky Derby and around 80,000 are served throughout the race. Put 4-5 mint sprigs and half an oz . of simple syrup to a double old-fashioned glass and clutter the ingredients. Add 2 and a hlaf oz. of bourbon and fill up with crushed ice. Mix well and enhance with a mint sprig.

 Mint Julep The Best Single Malt Whiskey Drinks

Rusty Nail – This particular blended drink may not sound attractive however it results in one excellent scotch drink. You are able to vary up this recipe if you attempt various single malt whiskey brands. It is very easy to make. Only pour 1 and half oz . of the favorite scotch and 3/4 oz . of Drambuie to an old-fashioned glass along with ice. Mix well and garnish having a lemon twist. You can put less Drambuie to lower the sweet taste of the drink.

 Rusty Nail The Best Single Malt Whiskey Drinks

Rob Roy – You may have heard your grandpa order this kind of drink. It isn’t a thing you hear folks ordering daily. Even so, if you loved the Manhattan and enjoy Scotch whiskey, then you will have no problem sipping on this one. Put 1 and half ounces of Scotch, ¼ oz . of sweet vermouth, and bitters to a mixing glass. Blend well and strain to a chilled martini glass. Put a maraschino cherry as a garnish.

 Rob Roy The Best Single Malt Whiskey Drinks

John Collins – Linked to Tom Collins, however this one favours bourbon. Pour 1 and half oz.  of bourbon, 1 ounce fresh lemon juice, and half an oz . sugar syrup into a Collins glass together with ice. Mix thoroughly and top with club soda. Garnish it with a orange and cherry slice. You may also switch the lemon juice and syrup by using sour mix if you like.

 John Collins The Best Single Malt Whiskey Drinks

Selection is the spice of life so try one of those tasty cocktails. It will not make you any less macho as long as there’s fine flavoured whiskey inside it!