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One of the most impressive canyons – Claustral Canyon, Australia

Canyoning is like a triathlon consisting of hiking, climbing, abseiling and swimming. This opens up a lot of possibilities for adventure anywhere in the world. In fact you can make it as easy or as hard as you desire. You can do a half-triathlon or go for broke and design an Ironman of canyoning.
Mammoth ferns flourish between the narrow walls of Claustral Canyon.Claustral Canyon is beautiful canyon that involves just about every canyoning technique possible. There are several exhilarating abseils straight down waterfalls, swims up to 50 metres, waterjumps and lots of rock scrambling.

claustral-canyon-australia-6The stunning scenery of Claustral varies from dark, narrow chasms, to wider open sections where beams of radiant sunlight angle into the subterranean depths, highlighting the luxuriant carpets of hanging ferns and exquisite mosses that decorate the sculptured walls.

claustral-canyon-australia-Visiting Claustral canyon is no stroll in the park. It is a long, hard day. The walkout is steep and strenuous – approx. 2 hours on average – with several short scrambling sections. Claustral is a highly rewarding experience suitable for fit, adventurous people.


Canyoning is a sport that will take you to great adventures all over the world. It’s not too difficult to find this activity especially when you speak of mountainous locations. And with the fast gain of popularity for its diverse and unique activities, canyoning is becoming the preferred outdoor action by those who want to do it all.


Top 5 Wine Areas That You Must Visit In Australia

Wine tours are becoming a popular vacation theme for people who enjoy to collect and drink wines. There are  5 wine regions you have to visit in Australia, if you’re planning to go to the very best wineries around the continent. Not just that you can test some of the world’s finest wines, but you are able to see some stunning landscapes. Rolling valleys and hills or sandstone mountains and formations could be shown on the wine-tasting journey. You might not realize it, but Australia is the 4th biggest wine exporter, on the globe.

 Hunter Region_1

Among the leading wine-producing countries, wine adventures of Australia’s most desired wine areas enable you to see the business that boasts 60 specified wine areas, in whole. When you can hardly fail in planning those you would like to discover, the very best areas include the ones that feature the greatest concentration of wineries it is possible to visit. There are many people who would rather see the “home-spun” wineries or perhaps “cellar doors”, that are spread all through main grape-growing areas, too.


One of the well-known tourist areas is the Hunter Region and also the Lower part of the region, particularly. Found in the Hunter Valley, you’re only a few hours north of Sydney, which makes it simple to fly in and revel in some other tourist locations, too.

 Hunter Region_

Hunter Region_2

One other tourist region among the top 5 wine areas you have to visit includes the Barossa Valley. The Mediterranean climate makes a plentiful grape harvest; however, you may also find good dining and excellent wine pairings, aside from the beautiful landscapes and little “post-card” villages which define the region.

 Eucalyptus Tree and Vineyard

You are able to take excursions from Melbourne and go to the several wineries of the Yarra Valley. Actually, you will discover well-known brands produced by Moet and Chandon originating from this area. Another of the best choices will be Mildura and The Grampians in Victoria, due to the superb grape-growing conditions. Apart from presenting a number of the best-known wineries, the region comes with a wide range of wildlife, vegetation and breath-taking, vibrant landscapes, too.

You will discover thirty wine-producers in Queensland, even though it is among the modern hot spots of these kinds of winery tours. There are many up-and-coming wine-producers in the region, which makes it a new place to go for the ones that are searching for the modern leading producers in Australia. Situated above New South Wales, Queensland includes a warmer, seaside climate, providing tourist opportunities, also.


It is really difficult to eliminate a number of the other popular locations since there are a lot of options for Australian wine-tasting, situated inside a comfy drive from the greatest tourist urban centres. You don’t need to ignore the Margaret River region since it is noted for a number of the very best grapes, such as Shiraz,Chardonnay,Cabernet, Merlot,  Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. However, we haven’t pointed out the Clare Valley of South Australia that is recognized for the very best Riesling on the planet! As you have seen, there are plenty of excellent choices; you may want to make a few trips, if you aspire to see them all.