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Submit Claim Form by May to Receive Vioxx Settlement Money

Vioxx, a product of Merck, has been under the microscope with the Vioxx Settlement. It has been found that Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp will pay a Vioxx settlement of $23 million for any financial losses. This lawsuit says Merck lied in advertising involving Vioxx as having better benefits compared to lower cost medicines contradicting FDA approved labeling. Merck denies these claims, but agreed to the settlement. Consumers who paid for all or part of the cost of Vioxx before October 1, 2004 are included in the settlement. Consumers who settled a Vioxx personal injury claim or were a Missouri resident at the time of purchase are not included in the settlement.

File a claim by calling 1-866-439-6932 or going to www.VioxxSettlement.com to learn how to mail or e-mail a claim. This must be done by May 6, 2014. The options of the settlement are either receive $50 in cash or be reimbursed for the out-of-pocket costs of the medicine. Payment amounts will be determined based on factors from the submitted claim such as proof and deductions. Attorney fees and other costs will be deducted from the settlement offer.

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