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State Farm Talks Tornados

Last year State Farm paid out over $870 million dollars in claims from Tornados and the high winds that accompany them. A tornado cannot be tamed or controlled – you are at their mercy. State Farm knows this and has had years upon years of dealing with the devastation and aftermath of such severe storms. State Farm is on storm watch and has a few tips that can help minimize the chaos of tornados. Outdoors: Reinforce garage doors and windows – an often overlooked area. Trim bushes and trees of dead limbs. Inside: Designate a storm room that is centrally located with little or no window exposure. If you have a basement, that is best. Before a storm: Do an inventory of your household and put it along with important paperwork (wills, policies, personal papers) in a fire and waterproof safe. The Roof Maker states: “When a big storm has blown over and it’s time to assess the damage, many homeowners don’t know where to begin. Review with family members where the safe room is and where to go if you are separated. Preparation can in no way garuntee there won’t be repercussions from a tornado, but they can make things a bit easier after. State Farm keeps an eye on these storms and knows what to expect and exactly how to help. There are more useful tips for all storm related situations on their website at www.statefarm.comState Farm Storms program wants you to have a safe and healthy spring and is available to assist anytime they are needed.

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