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Selfie Contest for Nutrition and Health at Cigna

“Every day there’s an opportunity to get a boost of encouragement, energy and excitement to take on the day with our health in mind,” details Benjamin Karsch, Cigna Head of Brand, Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing. “Whether it’s spinach or a protein shake after a workout, food fuels us to be at our best. This contest celebrates that with our audience.” Cigna, a major world health service company, entices young adults to win a four-day cooking retreat and a year of counseling with one of their nutritionists. Get your boost of self esteem by checking out the “Share Your Healthy YOU Food” healthy food contest by going to the website  goyou.cigna.com and submitting a photo with a description. If you are over the age of 18 and a U.S. citizen, you can send a pic of yourself with a food that makes you a better you, plus, with a description saying why it brings the best out of you.

The GOYOU section of Cigna’s website  is a safe space with plenty of stories, pictures, video, and audio that shares individuals overcoming life’s struggles. It creates a gathering place where visitors can educate themselves and be inspired by the stories of those facing life’s hurdles, and gain insights and tips from content ranging from news articles to journal findings by physicians and clinicians.

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