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Learning to Travel in the New Economy

People are traveling less, especially after the economic downturn. It’s still possible to travel well in the new economy we all live in with some budget friendly ideas, making use of credit card points and steering clear of tourist traps.

Skip the Tourist Trap Towns

economy travel 1 Learning to Travel in the New Economy
Maybe you’ve always wanted to fly into New York City and see the sights. With tourism down, you can look for ways on how to find cheap hotels, but seeing the sites, renting a car, dining out and all the other extras will add up quickly.

Skip the major towns and go off the beaten path and save some cash. The Adirondacks in New York offer canoe rides, hiking and horseback riding. Visit Lake George here and kayak go water rafting or take advantage of their lower priced dinner cruises.

Another example might be if you want to visit colorful Santa Fe New Mexico—skip the high prices you’ll pay there and stay south in Albuquerque Find better deals on shopping in Old Town where you’ll find many Native American and Spaniard influences or ride high in the skies at the Sandia Peak Tramway.

Every major tourist town in the U.S. has a town nearby offering tons of fun at lower, more economical prices.

Use Your Credit Cards Reward Points

economy travel 2 Learning to Travel in the New Economy
If you don’t have a credit card that racks up airline, hotel, restaurant or other perks, get one. Use it for everything including grocery shopping and at designated places where you gain the most points. Do pay off the items you place on the card you could have paid cash for each month.

It doesn’t take long for credit card rewards to accumulate and even if you get one leg of airfare free, a discounted rental car or a night at a hotel for free this can cut down tremendously on your vacation costs.

Explore National State Parks

economy travel 3 Learning to Travel in the New Economy
There are state parks everywhere and each offers a unique landscape, atmosphere and tons of activities. Most offer cheap camping rates and restroom and shower amenities. Pack your vehicle with plenty of snacks, food and water—or even rent an RV and when buying gas, don’t forget to use that credit card and rack up more reward points.

Boating, swimming, fishing, camping, hiking and much more can be found at national state parks.

Check Out Your Hometown

economy travel 4 Learning to Travel in the New Economy
If you live in or nearby a major metropolitan area, drive there and see the sights. Skip the hotels for short trips and for longer road trips, take advantage of hostels or camping sites.

Many cities and towns have tons to explore. For example, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania you can ride the Duquesne Incline, visit Kennywood Amusement Park, take a day cruise on one of the Gateway Clipper boats or take a tour of Heinz Field, home of the six-time Super Bowl Champions the Steelers.

Don’t forget to indulge in local fairs and food you haven’t had in a while or introduce local favorites to your family.

Traveling on a budget is almost a necessary must in today’s tight economy. Above all, if you utilize these budget ideas for vacation, you’re helping to boost the economy and helping the economy grow stronger.

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