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Informing Marketers at San Diego Summit

The importance of sending out and receiving information is vital for business; that is why Online Marketing Summit San Diego 2013 is helping marketers improve. The goal is to create a network of flourishing marketers to connect with each other and grab knowledge from marketers from all levels and business types. Informing marketers and transforming brands is what Online Marketing Summit (or OMS) is about. Workshops begin February 11, 2013 with an expo beginning February 12. The summit ends February 13.

In these three days, so much is to learn from expert businessmen and women with guest speakers from various companies. Some of the latest insights that will be presented this year are: Analytics & Big Data, Email, Mobile, Search, Content Marketing, Demand Generation, Social, and Strategy. There will be over 40 conferences focusing on these topics and more. If interested in attending the Online Marketing Summit San Diego 2013, then visit www.onlinemarketingsummit.com. On the website, you can find more facts on what will be seen there as well as travel and payment information. There are discounts available for those who apply early or are traveling with more than three people. Inform marketers and transform brands worldwide.

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