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In Current: Spain’s Carme Chacón Gives Opinion on Catalonia Situation and Secret Meeting

In Hispanic current events, much has been taking place between Spain and Catalonia.  Although Carme Chacón is from Barcelona, her fellow Catalans are afraid of the independence the former Socialist defense minister is laying her eyes on the prize for the title of Spain’s first female prime minister. Chacón made a name for herself when she was part of a cabinet in which it was made up of mostly women. In 2008, Chacón took control of the defense ministry while she was pregnant. While the cameras were rolling, she told a ceremonial guard of soldiers to stand to attention. “We had worked hard, and with little success, to improve her public standing while she was minister of housing,” said a former personal image adviser. “But in that moment her popularity suddenly rocketed.”


The subject of Catalonia began when there were talks of the state wanting to succeed from Spain. Secret talks of Catalonia breaking off from Spain was over Catalonia’s fiscal deal with Madrid. Spain’s current prime minister Mariano Rajoy and Catalonian regional leader Artur Mas met a week ago over the fiscal pact. Catalonia can send less of its GDP to the federal government to ease its recession woes if instead the state ends its plans to pursue a referendum on Catalan independence.


When Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy faced the Popular Party, he has shown that he is not budging on the deal with Catalonia for its demand of a better renegotiation. “We will continue listening to everyone, those in my party and those outside, because that is my duty, even if some appear not to understand that,” Mariano said.


Regional leader Artur Mas talked in front of his current administration assuring them his commitment to his party. “We talked about the referendum, but there is no other agreement other than to keep talking,” said Mas during his address to the Catalonian parliament, pertaining to the secret meeting last week with Prime Minister Rajoy. “Nobody knows what will happen. I want this government to last the four years it’s supposed to. But things could change on short notice.”

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