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EPA Regulations Make Electricity Bills Jump for Americans

Americans Face Jump In Electricity Bills Due To Proposed EPA Regulations. The United States has been facing sudden alterations in terms of their electricity and overall energy conservation. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, also known as EPA, needs all states to reduce the CO₂ emissions by about thirty percent. This gets rid of having cheap and dependable electricity. Everybody is affected, including areas that have low to no income.

What will the future hold for Americans with this sudden increase in paying for electricity, which is a necessity for lights, computers, and other uses of energy? Higher electricity prices also hit businesses because now manufacturers have to decrease their competitiveness. “The rule is a stunning attempt to remake the nation’s entire electric grid at great cost to households and businesses across the US. Our manufacturing base will become less competitive because of higher electricity prices,”  said Hal Quinn, president and CEO, National Mining Association.

Our manufacturing base will become less competitive because of higher electricity prices. Cash will suddenly leave the bank accounts of families already struggling to pay for electricity and other utilities. These prices will make it harder for individuals and their families to buy other necessities for their house. Currently, it is difficult to see what it will look like years from now due to the notice of these regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency. For more information of these changes, please visit the website at www.nma.org.

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