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Comfort of Home

Having the flu is enough to drive most people back into the comfort of your home and bed. Imagine that flu being a terminal illness. That need to be among comforting things and people is never stronger and never more important than at this time. In a recent poll, 70% of people asked stated they would like their final days to be lived out at home. Unfortunately, most do not get to do this. During the hardest time of terminal illness, the final stages, there is a drive to be amongst those things and people that make you feel most comfortable and loved. Home hospice care can help make that happen.

One of the biggest obstacles in caring for the very ill at home is the feeling of inadequacy by family and friends who are to care for their loved one. This is where home hospice care can provide an incredible support system that allows dying at home to happen. Home hospice takes care of pain management, medical procedures and emotional support for family and patient. To Learn what hospice care really means to patients and their families, visit momentsoflife.org. Make being in the comfort of home a possibility for your loved one with the care and support of hospice.

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