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10 Top Destinations To Go For Island Cruising Vacations

When you look for a holiday, you might want to choose one that has a bit of everything. There is nothing like soaking in the sun, enjoying some sweet Caribbean music and eating exotic food. Your ideal vacation spot this summer would be an Island cruising vacation.

The only way to enjoy a real vacation is taking a cruise or opting for a cruise destination. It is one of the most relaxing vacations as you don’t have to worry about unpacking loads of times or driving for miles and miles to find a good holiday or tourist spot. Here is a list of some of the top destinations.

If you are wondering what is on top of the list for the best cruise destination, the Caribbean Islands bag the first place. It includes a tropical surrounding with magnificent beaches, greenery and ports. You will discover the pristine white beaches in Belize, Frolic in the fabulous resorts of Cozumel, Mexico as well as snorkel off its coast in its coral reefs, which is said to be the best snorkelling spot in the world. Barbados in the South Caribbean is a swell destination with its tropical breezes, hot sun, aquamarine water, powdery white beaches and friendly people.

Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands-

Alaska is the next best spot where you could enjoy exotic fauna and flora. A miracle can be observed at the amazing ice fields of Glazier Bay and you can see the highest peaks of Mt. Mckinley.

Hawaii will take your breath away with its tropical scenery and  laid back lifestyle. It is a popular honeymoon destination for newly weds. The ancient cultural sites and historical parks are another huge attraction to the state. If you are interested in staying in Hawaii longer than a cruise would allow, there are incredible Hawaii vacation rentals that you and your friends, spouse, or family could rent to extend your time on one of the beautiful Hawaiian islands.

Mexican Riviera is a popular cruise destination. Puerto Vallarta offers tourists sandy beaches. The lush tropical environment of Catalina is perfect for those who wish to commune with nature. Sun, sand, water, forest, what more can anyone ask for.

The Mediterranean islands are popular with tourists where one can enjoy a new day, a new culture, a new gustatory and new sights experiences. Greece offers pristine beaches, old towns and ancient ruins.

Venice is a beautiful city where one travels only through boat. It offers beautiful houses and sites, magnificent structures, romantic haunts and breath- taking canals. While at this place, do not forget to visit Rome, modern France and Florence.

The Panama Canal is a cruise that one will never forget. One can witness a magnificent view of gazing at the sun rising over one ocean and then setting in another ocean. The canal links two oceans and separates continents.

Australia and New Zealand are two countries which have beautiful views for a memorable holiday. Nothing can beat the experiences you will find from snorkelling in The Great Barrier Reef to traversing the rugged and barren Outback. The greener is magnificent.

The South Pacific Islands are also rated one among the best. These islands are known for their lush and leafy vegetation, tropical forests, crystal clear waters and friendly people. Explore the exotic and private islands of the Philippines, Polynesia, Fiji, Tahiti and Guam. You are sure to witness a pampered vacation here.

Amazing Colorful Hells of Beppu

The hot spring Hells of Beppu are a nationally-designated “Place of Scenic Beauty” in the onsen town of Beppu, Ōita, Japan. The “hells” are for viewing rather than bathing. They are presented to visitors in a rather touristy fashion, which might not appeal to everybody.
Hells+of+Beppu+18Beppu is a relatively small city, it is famous for its unique and numerous hot springs, which are one of Japan’s Three Great Hot Springs. In addition, there are several thermal vents that create water too hot for hot springs, and make up a unique part of Japan – its 8 “Hells”. These are also a tourist attraction as none are the same and each offers a different Japanese theme.
Hells+of+Beppu+17Beppu is along the coast and pressed by mountains, making for a thin & long city. Most of the most well-known onsens and tourist attractions, including most of the Jigoku or “hells”, are in the Kannawa area which is almost on the opposite side of the city from the train station. However, the tourist-centric bus system makes transport a breeze.

Tips for Visiting Alaska for the First Time

A breathtaking state that’s filled with dazzling views and exciting wildlife is anticipating your next vacation. Alaska is truly unlike anywhere you’ve ever been. It’s unique for its abundance of daylight, freely roaming animals, and giant glaciers in the scenery. The largest state in our nation, it boasts incomparable splendor for devoted residents and tourists alike. Now that you’re pondering a future trip, here are some tips for your very first Alaskan retreat.

Bring Weatherproof Apparel

 Alaska_ [Read more…]

Majestic Beauty Of The Cordillera Blanca

You will have plenty of calm and quiet time on your guided walks in Peru but you may also want to take on some adventures! In Peru, much of this mountain chain is well over 3,000 meters with the tallest peaks reaching heights of 6,000 meters. The majority of these Peruvian behemoths are found in the Cordillera Blanca; one of the best areas for landscape photography in Peru. [Read more…]

The Perfect Base to Relax in or to Enjoy one of the World’s Most Spectacular Mountain Regions – Papingo, Greece

Papingo is a former community in the Ioannina regional unit, Epirus, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Zagori, of which it is a municipal unit. It is located in the Vikos–Aoös National Park.
Papingo actually consists of two villages: Megalo Papingo (Greek: Μεγάλο Πάπιγκο) and Mikro Papingo (Greek: Μικρό Πάπιγκο), big and small Papingo. The only access road for cars first takes you to Megalo Papingo and a kilometre further to Mikro Papingo.
The area and the neighbouring Vikos Gorge, the largest canyon in Greece and (disputably) in all of Europe, attracts many hikers and mountaineers from around the world. The village of Papingo proper is surrounded by snowcapped mountains in winter, and also has provisions for lodging as well as tavernas serving up traditional Greek food, coffee, and spirits.

Experience the Rich Heritage and Cultural Treasures of the Shaharah, Yemen

Shaharah or Shehara is a large mountain village and seat of Shaharah District of the ‘Amran Governorate, Yemen.  If you look at Yemen’s 10-rial coin, you will see one of the most beloved landmarks of the nation: the Shaharah bridge, a narrow stone construct that somehow, almost impossibly, spans a deep ravine to reach the village of Shaharah in one of the most important historical districts of the country. The bridge was built in 1904 to link Jabal (Mt.) Al-Emir with Jabal Faish to ensure safe travel on and defense of the precipitous slopes. The bridge itself is near the summits of the peaks. Hundreds of tourists from all over the world come to Shaharah each year to explore the rich heritage and cultural treasures of the city, with the famous bridge being just the starting point.
shaharah yemen_
Shaharah is presently designated a district of the Governorate of Amran, about 120km north of the local capital. It was previously part of the Governorate of Hajjah.

The two mountains of Shaharah, now known as Al-Emir and Faish, have had a number of names through history. One name, Al-Mu’attiq, is probably related to its height and inaccessibility. Some sources say that the name Al-Mu’attiq comes from the story of a slave who took the mountain as a refuge from his master. The slave’s master was unable to reach the heights, and so hence the name.
shaharah yemen_1
The mountain was also called Al-Mashtur because it was divided in two, with a gap in between extending along the north side under the Nahir gate, one of the four main gates into the city.

Prince Mohammed, whose nickname was Dhi Al-Sharfin, chased the Sulaihins here in the 5th century AH and defeated them in battle, taking the city as a shield. He built 511 houses and brought about the name Al-Emir’s Shaharah.
shaharah yemen_2
Shaharah was also known as Faish City because one of its doors was named for a Himyarite ruler, Al-Qil Dhi Faish Al-Himyari.

Shaharah is distinguished for its attractive scenery and historical treasures. The city is divided into 16 old residential districts, each with a mosque and cistern. In the center of the city, the main market is very much like Suq Al-Milh in Old Sana’a.
The most famous sight is the bridge, which had a defensive purpose. It was built by Al-Asta Saleh Al-Suaidi 200 meters above the valley floor. It is 20 meters long, built by traditional means.

The city also has a number of ancient castles, citadels and mosques. The Jamaa Al-Kabir (Great Mosque), which is in the center of the historic city, is considered unique in terms of architecture alone. It was built by the Imam Al-Qassim, who died in 1028 AH. It is still used as a gathering place for Friday prayers every week. Outside the mosque are three domes, the tombs of eminent scholars and ancient rulers of Shaharah.
Among Yemeni cities, Shaharah stands distinguished for its cultural value because of the contributions in has made to literature, poetry, and the judiciary system. One of the most prominent poets to originate there was Zainab Al-Shahariah (1114 AH). Shaharah was also a home and training center for many famous revolutionaries and warriors.
Despite being on top of a mountain, it was not historically invulnerable to invasion, so the wise residents found means of defending themselves. A high long wall was built around the city covering a total length of about 8km. Every access-point had a door and a guard tower with weapons stores for soldiers. The wall has eight gates, four of them major portals and four of them minor.
The main gates are named Bab Al-Nasser, Bab Al-Naher, Bab Al-Silal, and Bab Shaharah Al-Faish. Visitors to the city had to enter through these doors. The sub-gates are Bab Al-Haram, Bab Al-Jazir (the Bridge-Gate), Bab Al-Suaid, and Bab Al-Sirueh.
Most of the old buildings of Shaharah are four stories high; the Shaharah Citadel has fifty rooms, towers at its east gate, a mosque and a pool. The strong, thick wooden gate of the citadel is especially awe-inspiring. The citadel includes underground granaries carved into the stone of the mountain, a bakery, a small barracks with secret passages, and a pool used for swimming and irrigation.
Elsewhere in the city, visitors can enjoy the sights of a number of other famous buildings, all featuring the distinctive architectural style of this wonderfully attractive city.

Source:  yobserver.com

The classic camper: A stylish way of getting from A to B

The revival of all things retro has extended to the motoring world as more and more people opt for a classic camper as their vehicle of choice. Not only does the classic camper have a very distinctive look but it’s also great for road trips and holidays because you can keep everything you need on board. Stock up on food and drink and get some classic camper insurance and your ready to go!

The Magnificent Ancient Kandovan

Kandovan is a tourist village in the province of East Azarbaijan, near Osku and Tabriz, Iran. Its fame is due to its troglodyte dwellings. Some of the houses are at least 700 years old and are still inhabited. Kandovan is also known for its scenic beauty. A popular resort, it offers hotels and restaurants to serve tourists. Its mineral water is also popular with visitors and is believed to be a cure for kidney disease.
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Learning to Travel in the New Economy

People are traveling less, especially after the economic downturn. It’s still possible to travel well in the new economy we all live in with some budget friendly ideas, making use of credit card points and steering clear of tourist traps.

Skip the Tourist Trap Towns

Maybe you’ve always wanted to fly into New York City and see the sights. With tourism down, you can look for ways on how to find cheap hotels, but seeing the sites, renting a car, dining out and all the other extras will add up quickly.

Skip the major towns and go off the beaten path and save some cash. The Adirondacks in New York offer canoe rides, hiking and horseback riding. Visit Lake George here and kayak go water rafting or take advantage of their lower priced dinner cruises.

Another example might be if you want to visit colorful Santa Fe New Mexico—skip the high prices you’ll pay there and stay south in Albuquerque Find better deals on shopping in Old Town where you’ll find many Native American and Spaniard influences or ride high in the skies at the Sandia Peak Tramway.

Every major tourist town in the U.S. has a town nearby offering tons of fun at lower, more economical prices.

Use Your Credit Cards Reward Points

If you don’t have a credit card that racks up airline, hotel, restaurant or other perks, get one. Use it for everything including grocery shopping and at designated places where you gain the most points. Do pay off the items you place on the card you could have paid cash for each month.

It doesn’t take long for credit card rewards to accumulate and even if you get one leg of airfare free, a discounted rental car or a night at a hotel for free this can cut down tremendously on your vacation costs.

Explore National State Parks

There are state parks everywhere and each offers a unique landscape, atmosphere and tons of activities. Most offer cheap camping rates and restroom and shower amenities. Pack your vehicle with plenty of snacks, food and water—or even rent an RV and when buying gas, don’t forget to use that credit card and rack up more reward points.

Boating, swimming, fishing, camping, hiking and much more can be found at national state parks.

Check Out Your Hometown

If you live in or nearby a major metropolitan area, drive there and see the sights. Skip the hotels for short trips and for longer road trips, take advantage of hostels or camping sites.

Many cities and towns have tons to explore. For example, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania you can ride the Duquesne Incline, visit Kennywood Amusement Park, take a day cruise on one of the Gateway Clipper boats or take a tour of Heinz Field, home of the six-time Super Bowl Champions the Steelers.

Don’t forget to indulge in local fairs and food you haven’t had in a while or introduce local favorites to your family.

Traveling on a budget is almost a necessary must in today’s tight economy. Above all, if you utilize these budget ideas for vacation, you’re helping to boost the economy and helping the economy grow stronger.