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EPA Regulations Make Electricity Bills Jump for Americans

Americans Face Jump In Electricity Bills Due To Proposed EPA Regulations. The United States has been facing sudden alterations in terms of their electricity and overall energy conservation. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, also known as EPA, needs all states to reduce the CO₂ emissions by about thirty percent. This gets rid of having cheap and dependable electricity. Everybody is affected, including areas that have low to no income.

What will the future hold for Americans with this sudden increase in paying for electricity, which is a necessity for lights, computers, and other uses of energy? Higher electricity prices also hit businesses because now manufacturers have to decrease their competitiveness. “The rule is a stunning attempt to remake the nation’s entire electric grid at great cost to households and businesses across the US. Our manufacturing base will become less competitive because of higher electricity prices,”  said Hal Quinn, president and CEO, National Mining Association.

Our manufacturing base will become less competitive because of higher electricity prices. Cash will suddenly leave the bank accounts of families already struggling to pay for electricity and other utilities. These prices will make it harder for individuals and their families to buy other necessities for their house. Currently, it is difficult to see what it will look like years from now due to the notice of these regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency. For more information of these changes, please visit the website at www.nma.org.

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State Farm® Invites Individuals to Submit Causes to Assist their Neighborhood

Many people are excited about the State Farm® Neighborhood Assist contest. State Farm® Invites Individuals to Submit Causes to Assist their Neighborhood app to be chosen to end up in the top 200, and then the top 40 causes list to win one of the $25,000 grants to aid their communities. The contest, which begins March 3 and ends March 23, allows people to send in their causes that will be reviewed by a board on a scoring rubric. Afterwards, the communities are narrowed down from 4,000 submissions to the top 200. The rest is left to the public to choose who deserves that $25,000 State Farm® Neighborhood Assist grant.

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New Corporate Brand Introduced with U.S. and Canadian Olympic Support

The U.S. Olympic Committee and the Canadian Olympic team are backing up the leading building products company, USG. USG, and its Canadian subdivision, CGC, Inc., are working together with the Olympic and Paralympic movements and the Canadian Olympic Team. Its focus is to bring quality and quantity for these sports organizations by being their official sponsor for building materials. USG New Brand Identity and tagline has been announced this month as, “Its Your World. Build It.”

“The support of Team USA Partners such as USG is essential to maintaining our commitment to elite-level performance and ensuring U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes have every opportunity to succeed,” said Scott Blackmun, chief executive officer, USOC. “In addition to financial support, USG is adding its expertise and materials to aid in the improvements at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The work being done to improve facilities at the OTC will have a direct and meaningful impact for the athletes who live and train there.”

USG and its subsidiaries are proud sponsors of the U.S Olympic and Paralympic teams and the

Canadian Olympic team. For additional information, visit www.usg.com.

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Trains in India by Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is an American photojournalist best known for his photograph, “Afghan Girl”. Steve McCurry was born on February 24, 1950 in Pennsylvania. He became interested in photography when he started taking pictures for the Penn State newspaper The Daily Collegian.

After working at Today’s Post in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania for two years, he left for India to freelance. It was here that McCurry learned to watch and wait on life. “If you wait,” he realized, “people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view.” This series is dedicated to the trains in India.
Trains in India_

Stay Amazed with MGM Grand Entertainment Authority

A home away from home, plus more, brings amazement to guests. MGM Grand Entertainment Authority offers wonderful amenities for their guests. Enjoy star-studded events at the Grand Garden Arena. Treat yourself with world-class shows, dining and nightlife at various dining establishments and lounges. Marvel in the beauty of their astonishing new nightclub, Hakkasan, with DJs Tiesto, Calvin Harris, and Steve Aoki. Everything at MGM Grand is better than ever, from our broad casino floor with new games and floor layout, new high-end gaming lounge and bar Whiskey Down, and experiences like Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club and Reviv hydration medspa, both located in the MGM Underground.

If you are yearning for some gourmet cuisine from a celebrity-helmed restaurant of your choice: Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak, Michael Mina’s Pub 1842, or the renowned Joël Robuchon and L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. Feed your belly with five-star rated cooking and fine wine with your meal. Go to one of the chic lounges for drink such as red-hot Rouge or the ultra-modern Centrifuge. Highly-rated restaurants, entertainment, and animated nightlife will keep you and satisfied. For more information, please visit the main website MGMGrand.com, or www.Twitter.com/MGMGrand for updates.

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Tea Or Coffee: Is One Better Than The Other?

With water leading on the list, tea and coffee have the second position as the most approved beverages in many regions of the planet. However, there’s a continuous debate which arises on what beverage can take the appropriate position regarding number 2 and 3 on the list. Many people will certainly persist tea is better loved than coffee and will definitely be 2nd on the list yet still other people is going to be adamant that it’s coffee taking up the 2nd position.

Tea Or Coffee

Coffee is really a preferred drink of many people and they can’t move on with their everyday routine without a cup of coffee after getting up each morning. One of the things they complete while they get up from bed would be to ferment coffee and just after they have consumed their first cup can they get going. This is actually the usual routine for many coffee lovers and their day may not be complete without consuming this famous beverage, although a lot of people say its addictive substance that is caffeine isn’t good for the overall health.

Coffee is produced from coffee beans from the shrub. The caffeine it has is why it addicting but just if we drink an excessive amount it. It also has antioxidants which individuals believe is useful in the fight of slowing aging. There’s also research done which demonstrates consuming coffee reduces the potential of contacting Parkinson’s disease by improving the dopamine circulation in your system. When there’s a need to stay awake given that you still have important matters to attend do, consuming coffee might help.

Tea originates from the plant Camellia Sinensis and this drink is prepared in a number of ways. The most common method of serving the beverage is as simple as steeping which can be soaking it in steamed water. Instant teas are packed in tea bags bought from stores countrywide.

Much like coffee, tea is also good for health. It also contains sufficient amount of antioxidants to help in slowing the entire process of aging. Tea will help the body improve its resistance against infection like liberating it through the typical cold or even preventing its onset. Tea also functions keep your teeth in good condition  and make them solid due to the polyphones it has . Drinking tea helps with digestion and it is probably why many people think that it also helps with losing weight.

So which drink is most beneficial, tea or coffee?

Both have dissimilarities in them such as the way they’re prepared along with their aroma and taste. But both retain the substances caffeine and antioxidants however in various quantities.

In this instance, dwelling on the query at hand might be answered by permitting the 2 drinks to take up the 2nd rank in the list. Every beverage has their very own benefits and both are loved by many people regardless of what their options are. It is important  that both drinks provide health benefits loved by many and it’s better to make the most out of them no matter whether it’s coffee or tea that you prefer .

Submit Claim Form by May to Receive Vioxx Settlement Money

Vioxx, a product of Merck, has been under the microscope with the Vioxx Settlement. It has been found that Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp will pay a Vioxx settlement of $23 million for any financial losses. This lawsuit says Merck lied in advertising involving Vioxx as having better benefits compared to lower cost medicines contradicting FDA approved labeling. Merck denies these claims, but agreed to the settlement. Consumers who paid for all or part of the cost of Vioxx before October 1, 2004 are included in the settlement. Consumers who settled a Vioxx personal injury claim or were a Missouri resident at the time of purchase are not included in the settlement.

File a claim by calling 1-866-439-6932 or going to www.VioxxSettlement.com to learn how to mail or e-mail a claim. This must be done by May 6, 2014. The options of the settlement are either receive $50 in cash or be reimbursed for the out-of-pocket costs of the medicine. Payment amounts will be determined based on factors from the submitted claim such as proof and deductions. Attorney fees and other costs will be deducted from the settlement offer.

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Spread a Little Sunshine with Smucker’s

Smucker’s Fruit Spreads are a new addition to Smucker’s family of jams, jellies, and other amazing, delicious products. There are four varieties to decide on such as Red Raspberry, Orange Marmalade, Strawberry, and classic Concord Grape. Smucker’s Natural Fruit Spreads are made with natural flavors and contains real sugar unlike other spreads. Try different ways to use these spreads by preparing a snack or a drink with them.

Here is a recipe to try out: take two cups of chopped fresh strawberries, 1 cup fresh blueberries, 1 cup chopped fresh pineapple, ⅓ cup of Smucker’s Natural Orange Marmalade Fruit Spread, and 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh mint and combine them in a bowl. Together, they make a delicious fruit salsa and that be used with cinnamon flavored pita chips! Another recipe called Raspberry Hazelnut Frozen Yogurt calls for 3 cups of vanilla frozen yogurt (softened), ¼ cup Jif Mocha Cappuccino flavored Hazelnut Spread, and a ½ cup of Smucker’s Natural Red Raspberry Fruit Spread, divided. Read more about this recipe on www.smuckers.com.

Smucker’s has been committed to offering consumers quality products that bring families together to share memorable meals and moments. Today, Smucker is a leading marketer and manufacturer of fruit spreads, retail packaged coffee, peanut butter, shortening and oils, ice cream toppings, sweetened condensed milk, and health and natural foods beverages in North America.

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Global Leader Helps With Energy Reduction

There is good news for energy conservation. New research has been conducted by Johnson Controls, the global leader in bringing solutions that increase energy efficiency in buildings, shows Energy Efficiency Importance Rises 116 Percent worldwide since 2010, with those who set goals making the greatest strides in lowering energy use. In addition to goal-setting, momentum is important in the growth for green-building certification and green-tenant space leasing although many cite a lack of funding and uncertainty over government reform as obstacles to investment.

“We need public policies and private investment to work together to reduce the market’s uncertainty and capture this year’s momentum toward a more energy efficient global economy,” tells Dave Myers, president of Johnson Controls Building Efficiency. The Energy Efficiency Indicator is a global survey of more than 3,000 decision makers in 10 countries. This is the seventh annual survey of more than 3,000 building owners and operators around the world was led by the Johnson Controls Institute for Building Efficiency, the International Facility Management Association and the Urban Land Institute. If interested in seeing the comprehensive report of the 2013 Energy Efficiency Indicator, check out the website www.institutebe.com.

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Allstate Alerts Now Available Through Text and Email

Allstate now has online and text alerts for those who want to have fast updates on the weather forecast. Hurricane season is coming up and now it is said by weather forecasters that as many as 18 named storms can impact surrounding communities. It has been predicted by Colorado State University storm-prediction experts that at least half of those storms will turn into hurricanes. Due to this season, Allstate decided to step up to plate in the effort of alerting communities across the country of these dangerous natural disasters.

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