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Ten Years after Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University Continues to Receive Support

When Hurricane Katrina devastated Tulane University and the surrounding town, Johnson Controls came through with some much needed assistance from companies using restoration project management software to quickly fix all the devastation. With the donations from Johnson Controls, Tulane University was back up and running in just five short months. They provided the many resources that were needed to bring students and instructors home so that they could start to rebuild their lives.

Now, 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina, Johnson Controls is donated another million dollars for the Tulane City Center. They are a non-profit organization that is designed to rebuild the city and bring resources back the residents who lost so much. The money will fund projects like the Grow Dat Youth Farm and the Parisite Skate Park. These programs were designed to enhance the lives of the children and to start improving the lives of all residents. The Grow Dat Youth Farm will provide the residents with fresh food and will teach the children life lessons. It is estimated that this program yields 10,000 pounds of food each year. The Parisite Skate Park will create a safe place for around 5000 youth to go to exercise, work on their athletics, and stay out of trouble.

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World’s Largest Concrete Ship

The Gu Tian was abandoned shortly after her maiden voyage in 1974 and has since become a home to squatters and is a local tourist attraction in Fuzhou, capital of southeast China’s Fujian Province. The cement ship was built during the 1970s when there was a lack of steel in China as a cheap solution during the ‘cultural revolution’.
gu tianIt was launched to herald in a new age where China had mastery of the seas. But after her first voyage in 1974, Communist officials realised it cost far too much to power a concrete ship through the waters, and she was driven ashore and grounded. The 345ft long, 48ft wide, 26ft 7in high Gu Tian became a squat for locals and a minor tourist attraction and spent 40 years beached on the bank of the Mingjiang River. It was also used as a training base for Fujian Ship Communications Vocational College.
gu tian-It has previously been ruled too expensive to destroy but since the land was bought by a re-development scheme, the process began to dismantle it to build a block of flats. The world’s largest concrete ship has been dismantled after spending four decades stranded on the riverbank.
gu tian-1

Comfort of Home

Having the flu is enough to drive most people back into the comfort of your home and bed. Imagine that flu being a terminal illness. That need to be among comforting things and people is never stronger and never more important than at this time. In a recent poll, 70% of people asked stated they would like their final days to be lived out at home. Unfortunately, most do not get to do this. During the hardest time of terminal illness, the final stages, there is a drive to be amongst those things and people that make you feel most comfortable and loved. Home hospice care can help make that happen.

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Great News For Peanut Allergy Sufferers

An allergic reaction to peanuts may result in hives, inflammation of the throat and face, and eventually block respiration. This food hypersensitivity has been impacting a growing number of people in recent years, with on to one and a half present of the people seriously allergic to the tiniest remnants of peanut.

So with all the understanding that a number of people possess a low allergy tolerance, (quite often with the response to peanuts being hugely distinctive from one sufferer to another), it’s most concerning that even today, with the advancements in food production techniques, food companies are sometimes unclear if the food has peanut trace.

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Protecting the Future of Texas

Measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria and tetanus are all terrible diseases. The fact that there are ways to avoid getting these diseases and they are ignored is almost more frightening than the diseases themselves. Help Protect Texas’ Babies: Make sure your children are fully vaccinated. As parents, it is your first responsibility to ensure the safety of your child. This extends way beyond car seats and touches a serious issue that can determine the quality and length of their life. The state of Texas has plenty of resources and facilities available for parents to get their children fully vaccinated. There are many different programs available to cut the cost. Through personal insurance, Medicare/Medicaid and other state and national programs the amount can be minimal or even no cost to parents. Children can then be assured a safer, healthier life without risk to themselves or others. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) until these diseases are eradicated, the only defense against them is to receive vaccinations. Parents need to be sure that their children are fully vaccinated and receive boosters on time for the vaccinations to remain effective. For more information on vaccinations and what your child’s needs are, please contact your local pediatrician. Help keep Texas healthy.

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State Farm Talks Tornados

Last year State Farm paid out over $870 million dollars in claims from Tornados and the high winds that accompany them. A tornado cannot be tamed or controlled – you are at their mercy. State Farm knows this and has had years upon years of dealing with the devastation and aftermath of such severe storms. State Farm is on storm watch and has a few tips that can help minimize the chaos of tornados. Outdoors: Reinforce garage doors and windows – an often overlooked area. Trim bushes and trees of dead limbs. Inside: Designate a storm room that is centrally located with little or no window exposure. If you have a basement, that is best. Before a storm: Do an inventory of your household and put it along with important paperwork (wills, policies, personal papers) in a fire and waterproof safe. The Roof Maker states: “When a big storm has blown over and it’s time to assess the damage, many homeowners don’t know where to begin. Review with family members where the safe room is and where to go if you are separated. Preparation can in no way garuntee there won’t be repercussions from a tornado, but they can make things a bit easier after. State Farm keeps an eye on these storms and knows what to expect and exactly how to help. There are more useful tips for all storm related situations on their website at www.statefarm.comState Farm Storms program wants you to have a safe and healthy spring and is available to assist anytime they are needed.

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A Chance for Your Neighborhood

How could your neighborhood benefit from $25,000? New baseball field? Fix the broken down park? What about the out of date rec center? State Farm wants to give your neighborhood a chance to win a grant to help you take care of your neighborhood. The State Farm Neighborhood Assist program gives 40 communities $25, 00 each to put towards projects or programs in need. This program is guided by the State Farm Youth Advisory Board (YAB). This board is a group of 30 students who will ultimately decide the winners and learn about ways to improve communities across the U.S. State Farm will accept the first 4000 entries it receives from March 9th – 29th. The YAB will read through the entries and choose 200 to continue on. From May 14 – June 3rd the public can vote on their favorite with each individual allowed to vote up to 10 times a day. The 40 entries with the most votes will each receive a $25,000 grant. State Farm will announce the winners on June 16th. This is an opportunity for your neighborhood to benefit in a way they may not be able to otherwise. To find out more about State Farm’s Neighborhood Assist program and to download the free App, go to: www.statefarm.com/neighborhoodassist. [Read more…]

Nationwide Home Incentive

In 1956, Clayton Homes began building a quality of homes that surpassed expectation. Today, they are the largest homebuilder in the nation. Their homes have stood the test of time – giving people the quality homes that have come to symbolize Clayton Homes. Now Clayton Homes has an offer that can’t be beat. Clayton Homes Offers Homebuyers up to $7,500* This Tax Season. Their Avoid Refund Regret campaign has begun and it has some amazing incentives. Combine your tax refund with these offers and come out the owner of your very own new home. Clayton Homes is offering anywhere from $2500 up to $7500 (depending on how many sections you choose) to be put toward your down payment or closing costs. A third option is to have the incentive amount put on an Overstock.com to help your furnish your new home. No matter what option you choose, you will not find incentives like this anywhere. The Avoid Refund Regret campaign wants to help you capitalize on your refund check – with these added incentives, it’s a win-win. No regretful waste of your tax refund – you can have an investment for the future in your quality Clayton home. This campaign ends on March 31st so go to ClaytonHomes.com today and see what incredible homes and layouts they have to offer. For more information and details on the Avoid Refund Regret campaign, visit refundregret.com

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Dell Storage SC4020 is Making its Way

Technology innovation company Dell makes an eye-widening new storage product including the proposition to explain issues of saving and sharing information. In the business world, it is of incredible cooperativeness to stay aware of data, whether it is brand new or years old. Productivity and ongoing information are variables experts search for as they help clients in exchanges. With the Dell Storage SC4020, you can learn of the astounding points of interest this bit of innovation bridles.

As companies build, information and data heaps up. The details of the Dell Storage SC4020 incorporate auto-tuned for most extreme execution and expense reserve funds focused around continuous utilization points of interest. Glimmer advanced for cheap all-blaze or crossover SSD/HDD organizations. Fiber Channel or iscsi SAN backing fused with a superior scale-out NAS choice. Unending programming authorizing for low lifecycle expenses and a honor winning Copilot Support. The processor is an Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1265l v2, 2.50ghz with 4 centers. General stockpiling limit is in excess of 400 TB!

With this item, an individual can spare cash, time, and vitality on account of Dell’s building design. Drive extension for no less than 120 drives and purchasing less and less expensive circles to introduce. The Dell Storage Sc4020 has been recompensed the Most Valuable Product by ISMB. Learn more at www.dell.com

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Customers and Students Come Together for Their Communities

During the collaboration with students and faculty at esteemed colleges and universities, the denim recycling program is making true progress and change for communities all over the United States. The Blue Jeans Go Green denim recycling drive was created to inspire people to help each other as well as build up communities with donated materials. These donated materials come from customers of J. Crew and Madewell, elementary school students, high school students, and college students. Their contributions made a difference because of when J.Crew Brands Extend Partnership with Blue Jeans Go Green.

The drive was created by Cotton Incorporated, a U.S. organization funded by cotton farmers and devotees. One of the universities that helped contribute to Cotton Incorporated’s denim recycling drive was Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. Their program called Apparel Merchandise Design Association (AMDA) surpassed their goal of collecting 500 pieces of denim by Halloween. “AMDA has taken great strides to get the school and community involved and we have been thrilled with all their efforts,” said Andrea Samber, Co-Director, Strategic Alliances at Cotton Incorporated.

Learn more by visiting bluejeansgogreen.org. Find out which schools are participating in the drive and where the denim is being donated.

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