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Selfie Contest for Nutrition and Health at Cigna

“Every day there’s an opportunity to get a boost of encouragement, energy and excitement to take on the day with our health in mind,” details Benjamin Karsch, Cigna Head of Brand, Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing. “Whether it’s spinach or a protein shake after a workout, food fuels us to be at our best. This contest celebrates that with our audience.” Cigna, a major world health service company, entices young adults to win a four-day cooking retreat and a year of counseling with one of their nutritionists. Get your boost of self esteem by checking out the “Share Your Healthy YOU Food” healthy food contest by going to the website  goyou.cigna.com and submitting a photo with a description. If you are over the age of 18 and a U.S. citizen, you can send a pic of yourself with a food that makes you a better you, plus, with a description saying why it brings the best out of you.

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The Best Single Malt Whiskey Drinks

Everybody knows true men enjoy single malt whiskey. Whether or not you like Johnnie Walker Red or  Chivas Regal , you could get that scrumptious whiskey to make a mean blended drink. (The phrase “cocktail” simply does not sound manly enough.) If you’re not strong enough to deal with a straight shot of Jack Daniels or perhaps you would like some variety, try out a few of these recipes.

Whiskey Sour – It does not get simpler or more classic as this. Combine 3 parts whiskey, 2 parts freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1 part Gomme syrup inside a cocktail shaker using ice. Strain to an old-fashioned glass full of ice. Garnish having an orange slice or   maraschino cherry.

Manhattan – One more classic drink that can’t be passed up. It is among the earliest cocktails and it was among the first cocktails to make use of vermouth as a modifier. There are many versions but the standard recipe is 2 oz . of rye whiskey, half an oz . sweet vermouth, and couple of dashes of bitters. Combine the components in a shaker using ice and mix well. Pour to a cooled martini glass and use a maraschino cherry for garnishing. To create a dry Manhattan, put in a dash of dry vermouth and garnish having a lemon twist. An ideal Manhattan uses equivalent parts of fairly sweet and dry vermouth.

Mint Julep – Need a taste of the South? A Mint Julep will be the traditional beverage of the Kentucky Derby and around 80,000 are served throughout the race. Put 4-5 mint sprigs and half an oz . of simple syrup to a double old-fashioned glass and clutter the ingredients. Add 2 and a hlaf oz. of bourbon and fill up with crushed ice. Mix well and enhance with a mint sprig.

Rusty Nail – This particular blended drink may not sound attractive however it results in one excellent scotch drink. You are able to vary up this recipe if you attempt various single malt whiskey brands. It is very easy to make. Only pour 1 and half oz . of the favorite scotch and 3/4 oz . of Drambuie to an old-fashioned glass along with ice. Mix well and garnish having a lemon twist. You can put less Drambuie to lower the sweet taste of the drink.

 Rusty Nail

Rob Roy – You may have heard your grandpa order this kind of drink. It isn’t a thing you hear folks ordering daily. Even so, if you loved the Manhattan and enjoy Scotch whiskey, then you will have no problem sipping on this one. Put 1 and half ounces of Scotch, ¼ oz . of sweet vermouth, and bitters to a mixing glass. Blend well and strain to a chilled martini glass. Put a maraschino cherry as a garnish.

John Collins – Linked to Tom Collins, however this one favours bourbon. Pour 1 and half oz.  of bourbon, 1 ounce fresh lemon juice, and half an oz . sugar syrup into a Collins glass together with ice. Mix thoroughly and top with club soda. Garnish it with a orange and cherry slice. You may also switch the lemon juice and syrup by using sour mix if you like.

Selection is the spice of life so try one of those tasty cocktails. It will not make you any less macho as long as there’s fine flavoured whiskey inside it!

Advantages of Health Food Supplements

Are you breaking the New Year’s Resolutions increasingly more to remain in shape? How can you recover from it? If you are 3 months down the road, have you quit totally? One good way to get in the game and manage your physical fitness is by correct dieting. However often dieting is not enough. Maybe you wish to gain a better body as fast as you could, and the turtle’s pace of a proper dieting isn’t cutting it. Well, there’s good news and not so good news. First, the bad news: regardless of what you do, dieting is important. And that is not to say dietary fads which promise the world but provide results that work for only a short time. A respectable diet means changing your way of life. When you do this, you’re on your way to that shape you have always dreamed of owning.

Let’s focus on the great news: along with correct dieting, health dietary supplements are excellent methods to accelerate the process. Listed here are several benefits of health dietary supplements integrated in much healthier living:

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Snyder’s Of Hanover Launches Sweet and Salty Flavored Pretzel Pieces

Expanded Line Now Contains Cinnamon Sugar and Salted Caramel Flavors

Hanover, Pa. – Responding to the escalating repute of sweet and salty flavor product offerings, Snyders of Hanover is delighted to introduce Cinnamon Sugar and Salted Caramel kinds to its current product line of Flavored Pretzel Pieces.

Reaching store shelves this January, consumers are now offered an increased chance for enjoyment over and above Snyder’s of Hanover’s regular savory flavors. Whether you have a craving for sweets that cannot be quenched, or you are wanting something salty but more entertaining than your usual potato chip, Snyder’s new products are sure to delight. Both of the sweet and salty kinds will be available for around $3.69 for a 10-oz bag.


•   Sweet and Salty Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Pieces – The traditional blend of cinnamon and sugar is scattered on lightly salted and crunchy, bite-size sourdough Pretzel Pieces. The appropriate food for films, a day at the theme park, camping, and more, these pretzel pieces are certain to treat your sweet tooth.

•   Sweet and Salty Salted Caramel Pretzel Pieces – Buttery caramel is emphasized with granules of salt on bite-size, golden-brown sourdough Pretzel Pieces that contribute a major crunch to this beloved flavor.

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Top Exotic Food You Should Try

Various cultures, various food. If you’re a cooking freak and courageous enough, here are a few suggestions about what you have to check out.

Iguana meat

This meal comes from El Salvador. While some many people have just seen an iguana over the Television, some keep these things as pets. But that is not all – many people find iguana meat a real treat. Not just a delicacy but it’s considered a cure-all meat! I would not understand that but the flavour is very much like chicken.

Iguana meat

Century egg

China’s  food. Sound horrible? Here is how it is prepared. You take quail, duck or chicken egg and maintain them in a combination of clay, lime, ash and salt. And then you wrap them with straw. While the time goes by, the mix will end up just like a crust, and also the lime juice acid is usually a preservative that helps prevent the egg to spoil. This method need to last for 4 months and you then will enjoy the beautiful eggs. Here is an thought – prepare an omelette!

Century egg

Fried spider

Spiders are usually breaded in variety of mixtures (salt , sugar…) and fried in  oil having a little bit of sliced garlic. It isn’t that strange as it might sound – a lot like eating shrimp. In my opinion, I would rather have a spider than 4 a few months old egg.

Fried spider

Odori ebi

Japanese meal. It could be translated  as a “dancing prawn”. It is a kind of sushi however in this example, the food will actually dance within your mouth while you consume it. First they soak it in sake and after that right into a special sort of sauce. Intriguing.

Odori ebi


Fugu can be a Japanese specialty made from blowfish. To start with, you should know that Fugu can be a poisonous fish. It is important that  is correctly made. Otherwise, you’re in significant problems since one fish bears sufficient poison to kill more than 30 people.


Corn smut

Mexican food, also called “huitlacoche”, Corn smut is fairly a mushroom. Really, it appears similar to corn growth but is a genuine Mexican recipe. They’re much better priced that the corn itself. People in mexico say that they may be much better then truffles.

Corn smut

Anxiety and Spicy Food

Spicy Food and Anxiety is really a search phrase and has been used often times already.

Spicy food is part of numerous cultures while in others it’s totally unknown.

Spicing foods can be another question of the weather conditions. Actually, many spicy foods tend to be eaten in warm countries. To a particular point it’s also an issue of hygiene. Hot drugs that provide the spice food its note, are highly anti-bacterial.

These days that you could eat meals of numerous countries around the world, hot and spicy food may turn into a difficulty. If persons are unfamiliar with consuming hot and spicy food items, they could sense heat within their head and become frightened. Most of these meals not just heat up the head (can make blood circulation towards the throat), but they could additionally boost the heart rate. As a result, all these bodily signs aren’t harmful. Then again, in stressed people they might result in anxiety.


For those who have powerful responses to uncommon food, it is safer to stick to their very own cuisine. Hot and spicy foods might be loved occasionally but shouldn’t turn into a routine if they’re not part of the culture.

In our fast paced world, we can consume meals of most cultures in the very same place. Let’s take a big town. You will find ethnic food within the stores and there are lots of ethnic dining places around Culture and food are very important elements in our lives.


When we started getting around, expatriating and going to distant countries, we usually took our eating routine with us. We were used to them and didn’t want to take in other foods. We were right. Our system was used to our food. We then began mixing with the native population. This meant a variety of changes. WE got accustomed to eating various other foods, used to discovering other cereals and fruit crops. As people no more had an opportunity to stick to their very own eating culture, they commenced mixing it with that of the location they’d come to. Various other foods were accessible and in the path of many years and decades people got used to all these new routines. The alteration of habits happened slowly.

In these days, it is no longer the situation. Habits could be changed in just a short time. It is great news but it’s also not so great. It all depends on the field you’re associated with.


If we look once more at anxiety and hot and spicy food, you may think about the issue if spicy food truly belongs to the culture. If it doesn’t, simply dismiss it. Don’t eat it. You help yourself not to endure panic attacks. At least not attacks because of spicy food items.

In reality, any time you notice a thing that leads to your anxiety, stay away from it. These easy steps will help you live a far more peaceful life.

In the event that anxiety happens, it won’t have been brought on by hot and spicy food.

Dive Into Dunkin’ Donuts’ Seasonal Coffees

When it comes to doughnuts, we know where to go for a sweet bite: Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts now is not only know for its sweet doughnut treats and sandwiches, but for their warm, delicious coffees. Dunkin Donuts Seasonal Coffees Holiday Gift Giving is now making it easy for consumers to have variety for their taste buds. Three kinds of flavored holiday coffees are here for coffee lovers to enjoy: Pumpkin Spice, Mocha Mint, and the new addition, Gingerbread Cookie. It does not end there for the senses.

The eyes will be surprised by the talented art created on the orange (Pumpkin Spice), brown (Gingerbread Cookie), and green (mocha mint) packaging. The cute pumpkin, gingerbread man, and snowman will warm your heart just as the warm coffee does the same. A paper gift tag is also included, so if one wants to buy coffee for a co-worker or family member, they can write who it is meant for as a holiday present. The season is brought great happiness from Dunkin’ Donuts to coffee enthusiasts around the world. Dive into Dunkin’ Donuts’ Seasonal Coffees today and have your happy holidays filled with warmth and smiles.

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