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Alessandra Ambrosio in Victoria’s Secret $2.5 million Fantasy Bra

Ladies all over the world would certainly spend huge amounts of money to look just like Alessandra Ambrosio, Victoria’s Secret Angel .

But since the 31-year-old hit the actual catwalk for the Victoria’s annual show the woman’s body wasn’t the priciest thing displayed. Rather it was her gem-studded breast support.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lexington Armory, New York, America - 07 Nov 2012 Alessandra was handed the honour of putting on the famous fashion show’s Fantasy Bra – well worth an astounding $2.5 million.


Re-designed each year, for the 2012 display the Fantasy Bra was coated in complex blossoms made from an enormous 5,200 precious and semi-precious gemstones.


The gems consist of sapphires, amethysts, rubies and pink, white and yellow precious stones.


And, just like great outfits, it obviously includes a corresponding addition, a jewel-encrusted belt.


As Alessandra stalked on the runway, then partied together with her fellow angel Miranda Kerr, she appeared thrilled by her amazing bra.


When informed she’d be wearing the bra created by Long Islander’s London Jewellers, featuring a 20 carat diamond centrepiece, the model states she had been a bit shocked.


With only hours to spare before the long awaited underwear fashion show, Alessandra posed near the remarkable creation.


But if Alessandra had any queries concerning how to use the multi-million dollar design, she did not have to go far to request help, since the model was snapped with Miranda, that wore the Bra year ago.


Source:  dailymail.co.uk

Location of Most Celebrity Homes

For the majority, celeb houses are usually a source of enchantment and to just gawp on the places where the famous and rich temporarily or permanently reside is definitely exciting. It might be much more spectacular to get that one-off possibility of seeing the celebrities personally.

If speaking of real estates, all these celeb houses are selected in as much as typical Joes purchase and sell properties. Nearly all are favoured since they’re handiest in regards down to workplace, colleague and friendship, transportation and school issues. Even though privacy could be a huge element, superstar houses are chosen on the facets of cost, functionality and where superstars usually spend the time. Well, it’s not a top-secret regarding where all these houses are. So, let’s have a brief tour round the very best and most amazing places of celeb houses, and have a sense of the splendour lifestyle. [Read more…]

Actors, Athletes, and Singers Compete in the Kitchen

Movie and television actors, athletes, and musicians will drop the scripts, sports equipment, and microphones and go to The Food Network Rachael vs Guy Celebrity Cook Off. Gilbert Gottfried (actor, Aladdin, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), Johnny Weir (three-time U.S. National Champion figure skater), Cornelia Guest ( actress, I Know Who Killed Me), Dean McDermott (actor, Santa Baby 2), Carnie Wilson (singer, Wilson Phillips), Chilli (1/3 of pop/R&B group TLC), Kathy Najimy (actress, Hocus Pocus), and Hines Ward (former wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers) will all be assigned teams and compete against each other for the $50,000 prize.

The money won will go to the charity represented by one of the players. Guy Fieri, author and restaurateur, is looking forward to the second season of Rachael vs Guy Celebrity Cook-Off. “Rachael’s like family, and when we go into the show, our sibling rivalry comes out. It’s fierce, but we have a blast,” says Fieri. “The great part of Rachael vs. Guy, outside of Rachael and I spending 14 hours a day together, is that our celebrity guests can actually cook. The reason they’re on the show is because they truly want to become better cooks while raising money for charity.” The show begins January 6th at 9PM ET/PT.

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The Best Male Celebrity Hairstyles

The phrase ‘celebrity hairstyles’ merely describes hairstyles which come being much-liked, because of being the preferred hairstyles by superstars along with additional viewpoint leaders.

A number of them are totally unique or perhaps brand new styles ‘discovered’ and exposed to the spotlight by the superstars involved. Some others are well known and old hairstyles, traditional hairstyles so to speak, which are forever in the spotlight, but that are made popular by the superstars. A celeb might take a standard hairstyle that has been one the edge of being ancient, the ‘punk’ style, and by getting to be noticed with it on, transform it into an incredibly preferred hairstyle again. It is most likely to be the situation in which the celebrity showcased is a popular one.

The famous people, furthermore, might include the ones from any selection: from sports athletes, to charming politicians, film stars, extraordinary music artists and even well-liked preachers.

Because any point in time possesses its own ‘celebrities’ (because of the ingrained desire for heroes and role models in mankind), any point in time is usually certain to have its very own celeb styles, influenced by all these superstars of the period. So equipped with this history about celebrity hair, we could now turn to a discussion around the best male celeb hairstyles.

Actually, there’s never a reason for unanimity concerning which the very best hairstyles for males are. What results in as ‘best’ to one person might be really off-putting to a different, so that this particular subject is definitely a topic of continuous conjecture. [Read more…]