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Car was struck by falling bales

Near to the Chequers bar over the A10 at the heart of the town, that lies fifteen miles south of Cambridge,  there was an accident. The trailer, that was being pulled by a tractor, fell as it was going around a tight corner. The bales of straw are strewn all around the road.

The fifty six year old man was driving a silver 4×4, which was struck by crashing bales then shunted right into a close by house once the trailed shed its load in Royston, Hertfordshire, on Friday afternoon.


The car driver was released by passers-by who desperately clawed away the hay and wasn’t injured from the incident, but the road was left covered with hay and blocked for a few hours. This guy was pretty lucky indeed to walk away without injuries.


The car accident caused structural damage to one house, however the owner of the tractor was unharmed.

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