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Bangkok Tour Guide

Bangkok is definitely an amazing destination to visit. Lots of people dislike it once they first arrive, however the more they become familiar with it, the more they adore it.

To start with, Bangkok can be quite in-your-face. You will find annoying traffic problems, overcharging taxi drivers and sleazy cafes. It is noisy, it is packed, and it’s dirty.

But when you’ve moved from the tourist areas, you will see another layer of Bangkok. An area that’s lively and vibrant, a town were modern and traditional world intertwine with each other, where people from all cultures and countries co-exist together. There’s a lot of tasty food, a great deal of artwork, many stories from long-gone occasions which wait to be discovered. Thai people are extremely friendly, kind and warm, and encountering their real warmth is an incredible experience.

But it is also a different culture, with some other social norms and different means of reaching each other.

There are numerous dishes you might have never heard of, lots of fruits you never tasted.

Having a tour guide go with you can be of good value, because once you have a question, or you to know something, you will get an answer just like that. In addition, a tour guide in Bangkok can present you things which most tourists typically won’t get the chance to see. The attractions become a much more interesting and significant when you have somebody that can explain to you the stories behind them.

The enormous reclining Buddha in the well-known Wat Pho temple is among the most desired attractions in Bangkok. But many people just read a few paragraphs in a guide book, walk around once in awe about the pure size of it and that’s about it. When you are with a personal guide, you’re able to discover the stories behind this location, the symbolism and a whole lot. It is not just more informational, it is also far more enjoyable.

And when you need to shop in Bangkok, guide might be of huge benefit too: given that residents know where to shop, and they know very well what a great costs are like. So rather than visiting the locations where other tourists go to buy pricy products, you can get the local prices and perhaps find nicer things compared to common souvenirs or tops. If for instance you go shopping at the Patpong night market, you will possibly need truly good bargaining skills or be prepared to overpay for what you purchase. If you would like search for cheap clothes, among the best places is the Platinum centre.

A lot of tourists go to get electronics or phones in the popular MBK shopping mall – but locals know that it’s easy to get defective or grade B products there. It is far better to go bargain looking for electronics at Panthip.

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