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6 Ways to Plan a Fun Night for Your Man

Men are always on the hook for planning romantic dates to sweep their girls off their feet. But who says girls can’t take the lead and plan something fun for a guy? Whether it’s his birthday, Valentine’s Day or a just-for-fun, out-of-the-blue occasion, here are a few ways to plan a fun night for your man.

Show off Your Culinary Prowess: Make Him Dinner


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It’s been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If your man loves to dine, prepare his favorite meal just for the two of you. Add some candlelight if he’s into that sort of thing. Just be sure that you can cook an edible, presentable meal.

Guy Time Rules: Invite His Friends for Surprise Poker Night


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Men like to have fun with their guy-pals, although they rarely admit they need male bonding time. Inviting his friends over for a surprise poker night could be the key to his heart. Make some special overtures, such as preparing snacks in advance and buying beer, so he can fully enjoy his man time. Demonstrating your willingness to fulfill his man-needs will earn you major bonus points with any guy.

Show off Your Planning Skills with a Weekend Getaway at a Favorite Haunt

 Weekend Getaway

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If you and your guy have a favorite getaway spot, planning a surprise weekend away could melt his heart. Think back to your previous getaways and his favorite locations. Go for locations which carry special significance for your relationship or places that mean a lot to him on a personal level, such as a trip back to his hometown or alma mater.

Drill Down to His Favorite Recreational Activities: Plan a Skiing or Golfing Trip


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If your guy loves to ski, golf or take part in a similar recreational activity, cater to his needs and plan a day for the two of you. Even if you’ve never skied or golfed before, signing up for lessons or offering to let him teach you will earn you bonus points on the man-love scale.

Show Him You’re Paying Attention: Buy Him Tickets to His Favorite Team or Band

 Team or Band

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Does your guy have a favorite band or sports team? Buy him Imagine Dragons tickets, or whatever his favorite band or team is and plan a night on the town just for the two of you. Drinks, dinner and a sporting event signify the perfect evening for just about any man.

Treat Yourself and Your Man at the Same Time

 Lingerie shop

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Another easy way to plan a fun night for your guy and treat yourself while you’re at it is to buy some lingerie. Your man will appreciate the extra effort you put forth for him, and you get to feel great about yourself at the same time.

Planning a fun night for your man doesn’t have to be difficult. Stick to what your guy likes, go the extra mile and make a little effort, and you can easily steal his heart with a few simple tricks.

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