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5 College Majors People Least Regret When They’re 40

There are so many careers college students have to choose from these days. Selecting a major can be a tough choice. How do you know what you’re going to want to do with your life in twenty or thirty years? Here’s a look at five promising college majors people least regret when they’re 40.

Education: Teaching is Always a Fulfilling Duty


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Teaching is always a great choice if you love kids, learning, and of course, teaching. There are so many different subjects you can teach from math to English to art. Pick your favorite, get your degree in Education, and decide what age you want to teach. Teachers are always in need, and make a decent living plus benefits. You can even choose to master in your subject and teach at the college level.

Nursing: Caring for Others is the Ultimate Reward


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Nursing is another great career you can enjoy and be proud of when you’re 40. You’ll be helping people and make decent money and benefits. You’ll also have a wide variety of places you can work, including doctor offices, hospitals, schools, cruise ships, and home health care.  If you love taking care of people, and you’re interested in science and a career in the health field, nursing could be a good choice for you.

Accounting: Providing Financial Assistance for Life’s Important Decisions

 Balancing The Account

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If you love math, accounting can be a great career for you. It’s more than just counting numbers and keeping track of money. An accountant helps people figure out their life’s goals by knowing what size house they can afford, how many cars, where they can send their kids to school, and other financial-related matters. You can get a bachelors in accounting and work for a number of agencies, or even for yourself.

Computer Science: Infinite Possibilities Within the Largest Growing Industry


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Computer science is probably the largest growing industry in the world. With more and more computer programs being developed, new hardware and software, and more businesses, schools, and homes using computers for several tasks on a daily need, computer scientists are needed more than ever. You can choose from programming, engineering, security, creating games, and even forensic investigation. There’s no other field that has as many possibilities as computer science.

Physical Therapy: Helping Others Regain Their Strength and Mobility


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Physical therapy is another job that provides plenty of opportunity. You can choose to work in a hospital, rehab facility, health spa, or for yourself. Sports medicine is another branch of physical therapy, and opens even more doors. You’ll be working in a job that pays well and provides great benefits, but also helps people get their lives back, improve their health, and come back from a serious injury or health crisis. Physical therapists are needed all over the world, and even in the military. It has a lot of potential for growth over the course of your career.

These five college majors provide a wide range of opportunities for you once you graduate. By the time you’re 40, you can be in the middle of a successful and prosperous career, not to mention one you’ll love. They all have the potential for growth, and several opportunities to work in different areas of life.

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