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10 Countries Perfect to Travel Alone

Many people like to travel alone. They say it is a better possibility to explore the world and themselves. Additionally, you don’t need to adjust to someone. Do you want to lie on a beach for the whole day? No problem! Do you suddenly want to go and explore the ruins? You’re welcome!

Lonely Travel

The point is, your travels should give you only good impressions and be safe. That is why, this is an article with a set of 10 countries with the highest levels of Global Peace Index and Happy Planet Index.

Have a good time while travelling!


Rank 10 in Global Peace Index Rating
Rank 22 in Happy Planet Index Rating

The best way to explore Norway is to have a trip on the board of one of many steamships swimming along the coast of the country passing by the most beautiful fiords and stopping in dozens of seaports on the way. You can also go for a hike along fiords on foot and stop in hotels or mountain shacks. The aurora will be a bonus for you, of course.


Rank 5 in Global Peace Index Rating
Rank 30 in Happy Planet Index Rating

Take a pair of good tracking boots and go to explore Switzerland lands. The plus is, there is a very well-developed infrastructure, so you can find a tram, train or a boat going to every interesting place. Visit Zurich, then go south to the Lake Geneva, to Montreux and Lausanne where you can find many entertainments: small restaurants, night clubs and luxury hotels.


Rank 45 in Global Peace Index Rating
Rank 2 in Happy Planet Index Rating

Vietnam is about beautiful cities, rich markets and smiling locals. You can combine beaches with the exploration process in Phan Tiet. This resort is one of the most attractive in Asia. And if you want entertainments, you should go to Hanoi.

New Zealand

Rank 4 in Global Peace Index Rating
Rank 24 in Happy Planet Index Rating

Inspiring landscapes, ice peaks, tropical forests, mountains – this place is just magical. Miracle views look like someone has processed them in a Photoshop. You just walk around and don’t believe this place is real. Those who prefer active rest can try bungee-jumping, boat walks and hikes to the legendary Milford Track – the most popular trip among nine Great Walks of New Zealand.


Rank 3 in Global Peace Index Rating
Rank 42 in Happy Planet Index Rating

A small and compact Vienna is one of the most suitable European cities for a lonely traveler. Lots of concert halls, tens of museums and cafes worth of your time. Saltsburg, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once lived, is even smaller but still worth visiting it. And you can go to Carinthia to find the cleanest lakes and hot mineral springs there.


Rank 8 in Global Peace Index Rating
Rank 48 in Happy Planet Index Rating

Spend a few days in an involving megapolis of Tokyo, have a ride to the Fuji mountain on a speed train and enjoy the calmness of old Kyoto. Places of interest and museums are fine there, too: Japan can impress even experienced tourists.


Rank 30 in Global Peace Index Rating
Rank 19 in Happy Planet Index Rating

Chileans are friendly and welcoming, and this is a big plus for lonely travel admirers. Chile is about 3000 km of mountains, deserts and endless coasts. You can go north, where the marvelous Atacama Desert waits, or go south, to Chiloe Islands or Patagonia. It is also recommended to visit Santiago, the biggest city of Chile.


Rank 11 in Global Peace Index Rating
Rank 45 in Happy Planet Index Rating

Stockholm is perfect for travelling alone. It is quite compact, so you can hardly get lost there. Do you want entertainments? You’re welcome! Do you want to spend the whole day exploring city parks on a bike? Easy! Open-air cafes with tasty meals, treasures of the Modern Art Museum, shops of Swedish designers, wonderful hotels and an engaging night life. You can easily go on foot to every place of interest.

Costa Rica

Rank 45 in Global Peace Index Rating
Rank 1 in Happy Planet Index Rating

Many travelers esteem the happiest country in the world to be the most beautiful. It is a great place for surfing or river swimming. There are endless mountain spines covered with rare forests, numerous national parks, volcanos, sanctuaries, exotic beaches with black and white sands, noisy waterfalls, and many other things.

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Rank 54 in Global Peace Index Rating
Rank 5 in Happy Planet Index Rating

Temples, beach yoga, cheap food, accommodation and massage. This is one of the favorite places of spirit seekers. This is about Bali – the most popular place for tourists in Indonesia. Coffee plantations get changed into emerald terraces, clean holy lakes – into volcanic ones. If you prefer more or less popular places among tourists, visit Lombok, the island near the Bali coast. 

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